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The Dirtiest Positions On Aircraft

Railings in seating places, available magazines on aircraft, filtered water, etc. are considered as dirty as toilet floor.

According to Thrillist, there are eight dirtiest locations on an aircraft. The railing where you usually place your hands or take it for sleep is one of most microbe places, because almost passengers use this position.

Blankets and pillows


As The Wall Street Journal, these things get less care from airlines. Normally, each blanket and pillow is washed in every five or up to 30 days, depending on each airline.

Food Tables
After each seat has a small plastic table that is used as a food table. This is considered as the dirtiest place, food is usually dropped but rarely cleaned.

Filtered water

Many articles advised that the only water passengers can use on aircrafts is bottled water. The rest of water resources is not hygienic.

Railings in toilet
Most tourists visiting the toilet on board are clinging to handrails to sit more stably. And this is listed as one of the dirtiest locations on the plane, because everyone has a chance to touch it, and less to be cleaned.

Available Magazine
No one knows when they were put on board, how many people touch them and wonder if they get cleaned or not.

Sink in toilet
Toilets are always evaluated as no clean places, because it contains many bacteria. According to Thrillist, besides floor, sinks in toilet on aircrafts will be the dirtiest position.

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