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Carry- On Baggage Information

Vietnam Airlines

1. Hand baggage

- Two pieces of luggage for Business class passenger
- Only one piece of luggage for Economy class passenger
- Baggage information must follow international standard in terms of weight and three dimensions not exceeding 115 cm (56 x 36 x 23 cm).

Allowed items

- Ladies’ handbag, pocket book or purse

- Overcoat, wraps or blanket

- Umbrella or walking stick without pointy end

- Laptop, small camera and binocular

- Reading material

- Infant’s consuming items

- Collapsible wheelchair, crutches or braces

Restricted items:

- All knives, swords and razor tools which can be used as weapon

- Firearms

- Bludgeon and blackjacks 

2. Checked baggage

- Business class: The total weight of carry- on baggage must not exceed 30 kg. For only routing Vietnam – Australia, Vietnam – Russia, Vietnam – France, Vietnam – Germany, the total weight of carry- on baggage must not exceed 40 kg.

- Economy class: The total weight of carry- on baggage must not exceed 20 kg. For only routing Vietnam-Australia, Vietnam-Russia, Vietnam-France, Vietnam-Germany, The total weight of carry- on baggage must not exceed 30 kg.

Baggage of which the weight exceed 32 kg, the sum of three dimensions exceed 203 cm shall not be carried as accompanied baggage unless prior arrangement have been made.

4. Special baggage

Vietnam Airlines offers a special baggage policy for sport baggage; bike and bulky baggage; pet/animals and remains. Each of the items requires specific criteria and early registration to be carried on as checked baggage or cargo. For further information please check the airline website.

5. Security checks 

At security checks, screening of passengers, carry-on baggage and checked baggage is conducted. Even if passengers are absent, the luggage can still be checked to avoid prohibited or limited items into the cabin of an aircraft. If you refuse to allow your bag to be screened you will not be able to check it in.

6. Excess baggage charge:

- Zone 1: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand

- Zone 2: Russia in Europe and South Asia subcontinent South Asian, Japan / Korea, Pacific North / Central, South-West Pacific (with the exception of Zone 1 and Japan)

- Zone 3: Japan and Europe, Middle East, Africa (with the exception of Russia in Europe) 

From/To Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3
Zone 1 USD 5/kg USD 10/kg USD 20/kg
Zone 2 USD 10/kg USD 20/kg USD 30/kg
Zone 3 USD 30/kg USD 40/kg USD 50/kg