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Cannot Find The Luggage At The Airport What Should To Do?

If cannot find your luggage on the conveyor belt, you should promptly notify the airline.

Lost luggage is something that is out of expectation, especially if they have experienced a long flight to go on holiday. Here is something you should do to detect your luggage whether it is damaged or lost.

If your bags are torn, wheel suitcases are broken or any object that is damaged due to shipping, you absolutely have the right to demand the airlines for compensation. If it cannot be fixed, you will be compensated in cash.
According Business Insider, afford to lose your luggage is only about 2%.

If you cannot find your luggage on the conveyor belt, while all other passenger on the same flight got it, you should promptly notify the airline. Most of the bags which are reported lost were mistaken in transfer, or lying in the next flight.

In the case, ground staff announces that your suitcase is mistakenly transferred to another aircraft and is heading to the airport, you should also ask them to put a note of commitment and situation of your suitcase. In addition, you also need to get a phone number to contact and ask about the situation of your luggage.

Many passengers still believe that they will not have to pay extra to find lost luggage. But some airlines are charging. Therefore, talk clearly with the airline, and if necessary you will need your ability in negotiation.

Some airlines often have a maximum limit for compensation. If they only compensated up to 200 dollars for a suitcase, you should not keep expensive items in left- luggage such as computers, phones, camera, etc.
The airline will compensate you if lost luggage, but not at the price being sold in the market. If you prove your items still new, you will get higher compensation.

You should also avoid talking too about money or lying about things in the suitcase to get higher compensation. If you require too large amounts, airlines have right to refuse.

The last thing is that you should be patient if your luggage is lost. Many cases you have to take at least several hours, or up to a month in order that the airline can find the correct position of your suitcase, plus a period of 1-3 months to reimburse the owners.

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